© Bernd Hoppe 2016
Annotation about the work

Bernd Hoppe's visual language is based on a highly dynamic application of paint using spatulas, squeegees, brushes, towels, hands and other materials which have become tools and assistants of his individual compositional technique.
This technology gives his paintings an energetic expression, where sensitive introduced details often find a poetic appeal within archaic picture elements.
These dynamic, expressive compositions of color, texture, light settlement, as well as picture elements partly near the figurative result in a visual world, where the prescribed notions of time, form and space are repealed.
Bernd Hoppe's pictures call for contemplation. Thus discloses the viewer behind color harmonies, informal color flow, archaic image elements, details and indications, the respective topic and essence of a work.

Single Exhibitions of last years among others:
"Christuskirche" / Hannover,
"Museum auf dem Burghof" / Springe,
"Kunstraum Benther Berg" / Ronnenberg,

Participation in various group exhibitions, among others:
"48 Stunden-Ausstellungen" / Hannover.

Bernd Hoppe lives and works in Hanover, Germany.